Fast Growing Countries 2020

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Some countries around the world are experiencing rapid ecomonic growth so quickly, that you might be surprised by a few names on this list. From countries with newly discovered oil deposits, to great advancements in their infrastructures and GDP here are the fastest growing countries in 2020.

14 Philippines
In 2019, the philippines witnessed outstanding economic growth and many are predicting that that trend will continue into the next year. The world bank projected that their GDP would rise 6.5 percent faster in 2020 and 6.6 in 2021. This country isn’t afraid of making babies either and they’ve noticed a steady incline in population and are expected to bring another 109 thousand people into the world in 2020. With a pretty good exchange rate for the US dollar to Philppine peso, many westerners have considered retiring in this country. The capital city of Manilla has noticed a significant increase in traffic and homes might become a little bit crowded here. Nonetheless, Americans can expect to live a decent life close to a beach here for only about 800 bucks a month, with rent possibly costing less than 200 bucks a month. We can see why it’s becoming a popular destination in recent years! You’ll just have to deal with people eating baby duck eggs and it should be okay.

13 Maldives
Typically when you go to the Maldives, you expect luxury, seclusion and relaxation under the sun. It almost seems like at some point in time, there won’t be enough room for everyone to live in this archaelopeligo country in the indian ocean. If the country doesn’t get hit by a tsunami in the upcoming 30 years, it’s believed that their population will double what it is now. Many are predicting that their GDP will increase by 6.3 percent in 2020 which will therefore increase their per capita gdp. Compared to other southeast asian countries like india, nepal and Bhutan, this small country is keeping up with economic production. With economic growth comes pollution though. A lot of tourism to this part of world is certainly helpful and might it grow a little too fast to keep up with demand. There has been quite the problem with pollution because of this and a trash island known as thilafushi had to be created. it’s estimated that 31000 truckloads of garbage were transported to this island each year and it continues to grow each

12 Benin
While it still ranks as one of the poorer countries on this list, Benin is expected to see some steady economic growth partially due to being one of africa’s largest cotton exporters. Their population sits at about 11 million people which is pretty big considering its size. A majority of its citizens live in the southern part of the country, while there is still much untapped resources in the north. Some of it’s strength comes with it’s new president who’s making strives at free-market reforms. It’s economy has managed to get better over the past 4 years as it makes a transition from a dictatorship to a democracy. With exports such as oil, limestone, marble and timber it’s easy to see why there is so much potential to become stronger than ever before. A majority of the population is under 25 and for quite some time, one woman on average would have 7 kids! Which has lead to a population increase well.

11 Ecuador
Ecuador was the setting for a huge economic boom in 2019 and has experienced surge poverty reduction over the past decade or so. Due to their low oil prices and their appreciation for american currency, it hasn’t been too hard to do business with this country. There are high hopes in 2020 it can only get better as more people begin to realize that this is a low key good place to retire. Many have praised their low dental prices and people can live a comfortable lifestyle on their retirement pensions. The population is also on the rise here and tourism has been going up with interest in inca ruins

10 Bolivia
Bolivia and Ecuador were both fairly equal in GDP percentage increases over the past couple of years. They’re fairly equal in comparison except that bolivia is larger but doesn’t have a beach. In any case, it tops the list for the fastest growing country in South America by population. With three times more people being born than expiring, the next generation will certainly be booming in the upcoming decades. Bolivia is dense with resources and benefit from natural gas exports to countries such as argentina and brazil. Unfortunately, it still rather undeveloped which deters some investments but a lot of room to grow. The government plans on going all in soon by nationalizing their industries and utilizing their natural resources of petroleums, gold, silver, and soy products in the upcoming years.

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Rarest Snakes on Earth

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From a snake that can only be found on a small island in the carribean to a pit viper that can only be found in a small area of Baja California, here are the rarest snakes on earth.

14 The Black Mamba
The Black Mamba are known for their ferocity and highly aggressive nature when threatened. They are also Africa’s longest venomous snake and reach up to 14 feet in length while only weighing 3.5 pounds. They have been blamed for killing many people in Africa and this guy is considered by many to be the most feared and deadly snakes in the world. They get their name not from the color of their scales but from the color inside their mouth. Black mamba’s will strike repeatedly, with multiple bites, administering a large amount of venom in the process. Before an antivenom was created for theses beasts, a bite would be 100 percent fatal with only about 20 minutes to live.

13 Round Island Viper
There’s different levels on how rare an animal can be but if it gets listed as endangered, there’s likely a good chance you won’t get to see it in the near future unless you live in a very specific area or you can go see it at the zoo. And even then, it might be difficult. The round island viper lives on the round island of mauritius which isn’t on most people’s bucket lists. In 1996, the population of this snake was as low as 250 individuals but most likely has reached about 1000, thanks to conservation efforts.

12 Eyelash Bush Viper
This species of viper is currently listed as vulnerable, which means that it could become endangered if someone doesn’t do something about it. It lives in only 2 remote areas of Tanzania and due its dwindling territory, it’s believed that their numbers are on the decline. They’re most often found in bushes near the uluguru mountainsIt’s unclear exactly how many are left, but if you take a close look at it’s eyes, it does appear to have some kind of eyelashes going on which isn’t too common for most snakes. .

11 Apodora
The apodora is a non venomous species of snake found in Papua New Guinea. These are large constrictor snakes, meaning instead of using venom like a rattlesnake or cobra, they’ll strangle its prey until it becomes unconscious or expires. These snakes can measure 4.5 meters or 14 feet long! They’re not usually for sale on the black market but when they are, they sell for a pretty high price. But it’s certainly not something you want to keep in your home. It weighs no more than about 22 kilograms or 50 pounds. These snakes do have the capability to change colors and it can supposedly change colors when it’s angered. They prefer feasting on smaller mammals during night. These large reptiles are on high demand to be traded on the illegal pet market. They would bring in a huge price if captured. But if this snake gets out of it’s cage, it could wreak havoc on the entire area.

10 Wagner’s Viper
There seems to be a decent amount of vipers who make their way on to the list for rarest snakes. One of the is the Wagner’s viper which gets it’s name from the german explorer called moritz wagner.This viper is native to eastern turkey and lives in a small area close to the black sea. They can grow to be a maximum size of 37 inches and their weight will vary depending on the last time they feasted. Currently, this species of viper is considered to be critically endangered and there’s only an estimation of 2,500 left. Some claim the dwindling numbers are due to the fact that they’re receiving a high price on the black market. Why some people would want to own this thing is beyond me considering how dangerous they could be! Some zoos are also doing their best to breed more vipers and keep them from going extinct.

9 Santa Catalina Rattlesnake
This venomous species of pit viper is native to the gulf of california, on the east side of baja california. In contrary to their name, they actually don’t have a rattle and are most notable for their small and slender characteristics. They can still grow a maximum of 28 inches though and are pretty skinny for their length. The Santa Catalina rattlesnake is currently classified as critically endangered and are at a high risk of becoming extinct if certain measures aren’t taken. One indicator that their numbers are dwindling is their geographic range which is only less than 50 square miles. Some believe the reason for the population decline is from feral cats who live in the area who will instinctively hunt the snakes. It also doesn’t seem to help them due to the fact that they do not tend to hide very well which makes them suseptible to predators.

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Shocking Stories That Rocked the Royal Family

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Shocking stories that rocked the Royal family
The entire world has heard about the great Megxit from royal duties, as Prince Harry, wife Meghan Markle and baby Archie head off to Canada. Some are up in arms about the decision, while others fondly remember Princess Diana and support his decision to keep his family safe and to avoid the same things happening to them as what happened to her.
Let’s go back in time and remember some other stories that were quite shocking for certain Royal families.
12 – A common marriage
You can’t choose who you love, and King Edward VIII knows the reality of this more than most.
In 1936, soon after taking the throne upon his father’s death, Edward VIII stepped down from his position as king.
His reason? Love.
In 1936, the Church of England forbid the marriage of anyone who was previously divorced. So, when Edward VIII fell for Wallis Simpson, an American socialite working through her second divorce, he had little option but to forego the crown.
Before his abdication Edward VIII gave a heartfelt explanation: “I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King […] without the help and support of the woman I love.”
The now ex-king Edward VIII married the “commoner” Simpson in 1937. The couple stayed married until Edward died in 1972.,_1936.jpg
11 – Long distance relationships
In 1820, when King George IV took over the throne, he had some domestic affairs to resolve first. He had been living apart from his wife, Caroline of Brunswick, for 20 years already. The two were not on good terms, and George was not about to let Caroline assume the throne if he passed on.
George decided to take Caroline to court, expecting the public to side with him. It seems his quite public infidelity had not won him favours with “his people” and the public all sided with the aggrieved Caroline.
Lending to the scandal it was discovered that Caroline wasn’t Georges first wife. And 10 years before they wed, he had married a commoner called Maria Fitzherbert. He passionately was buried with a small portrait of her, as Maria was his true love.
10 – Three’s a crowd
From the beginning of the marriage of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Prince Charles there was trouble.
The marriage ended in 1992 under a cloud of controversy, but the public scandal didn’t end there. Both Charles and Diana used public opportunities to make pointed remarks that shed the light on the infidelities in the marriage
Diana caused global ripples when she publicly commented: “there were three in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” The third person she referred to was Camilla Parker Bowles, whom Charles later married.

9 – PDA (Public Displays of Affection)
6 years after tying the knot, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duke and Duchess of York, were divorced. The separation wasn’t amicable, and things got nasty through the separation in 1992.
This only escalated when less than 5 months after the divorce “Fergie” was caught in a compromising situation with her “financial advisor”.
The man in question was Texan millionaire, John Bryant, who was pictured kissing and sucking the Duchess’ toes while on holiday in St Tropez. To date, these were the most compromising photographs of a royal, and one of the largest scandals the Royal family had ever faced.
Further photos revealed the couple embracing, kissing and frolicking in the pool.
Fergie was back in the media in 2010 when she accepted a bribe to give News of the World journalist access to her ex-husband. The dowry was £500,000 for a video recording of their meeting. Fergie has since apologized and admitted her mistake as a “serious lapse in judgement”.

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Mysterious and Rare Species of fish

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There are a lot of strange sea creatures that have gone extinct over time and there’s only so much people can do to when fish sticks taste too good. Despite some overfishing, and some concern of their ecosystem, we still live in a time where there are plenty of fish still left in the sea. Some might be pretty scary looking while others get closely monitored. From exotic colorful genetically engineers glow fish, to large and tasty sunfish, here are mysterious and rare species of fish.

14 Devils Hole Pupfish
This strange fish isn’t found in the ocean but actually in a place where you’d least expect it! Nevada certainly isn’t a state that’s known for its fishing but that’s the state where you’ll find the Devil’s Hole Pupfish. They dwell in a water-filled cavern and have a striking blue sapphire color
But are also notable for their pelvic fins which are quite rare. The small fish will eat just about everything that lives in the cave ranging from beetles, snails, larvae to even algae. Some people have criticized the government for wanting to protect this fish at all costs which included preserving their ground water. Any slight changes to their water source could mean their end which is why they’re so closely monitored. Nearly 5 million dollars has been spent on equipment to help keep it alive, much to the confusion of many people. In April of 2016, some unexpected environment vandalism took place when 3 men broke into the cave and partially destroyed their habitat.

13 Spotted Handfish
Wait hold on a minute. Fish don’t have hands, do they? Think again! This rare fish from australia actually does and it kind of shows us how hands can develop from fins after enough time has gone by. Their pectoral fins have developed to the point where they can actually walk with them on the sea floor. They’re still trying to get used to their new limbs and aren’t really known for crawling around too fast. Their habitat is very limited to only streams in tasmania but can lay up to 250 eggs at a time depending on the size of the pouch. As of right now, they’re critically endangered which is possibly due to the fact that they can’t escape predators quite as quickly as they would like to and have no natural defenses. Could it be possible that this creature will eventually morph into a human fish like species and grow some legs in the near future? Who knows

12 Lionfish
This commonly found, venomous fish is found off the coasts of Florida and the Carolinas mostly due to its exportation from the Indian Ocean. People like having them in their aquariums but were able to invade our coastlines when they were introduced to our oceans. They have thrived in our environment and are now considered in an invasive creature. Interaction with humans can be very deadly. Their poisonous fins makes them deadly to scuba divers or fishermen who are unlucky enough to get pricked. Symptoms of a sting can include, vomiting, fever, breathing problems, dizziness and even paralysis in some cases. Some have the idea that these creatures should be fished and eaten but the idea hasn’t caught on too well.

11 Dragonfish
It almost looks like a normal fish until you look at it’s teeth, then you realize this thing must live at the bottom of the ocean. It’s noticeable with its snake like body and sharp needle like teeth. Not only are the teeth extremely sharp, but they also have the capability of growing from their tongues.These fish can grow to be about two feet long and are certainly found at deep depths. They can go as low as 5000 feet but prefer shallower depths at night. The colors may vary depending on what region they choose as their habitat, such as green, silver and black. The fang like teeth paralyzes the victim and enjoy eating lanternfish and bristlemouths.

10 Piranhas
A piranha is also something you really don’t want to get bit by. The jaws are quite powerful considering the size of the fish, but the razor sharp teeth are what will normally do the damage. Be careful what body of water you decide to go swimming in. The bite of a Piranha measures at 70 pounds of force at the tip of its teeth. This means that Piranha’s bite force is 20 times its body weight. The great white’s bite force matches its own weight. Native to the Amazon River, these carnivorous fish are known for ripping apart the flesh of anything it comes into contact with. So this fish packs a lot of punch or its size.

9 Ocean Sunfish
Known to be one of the largest and boniest fish out in the sea, this species is found in subtropical areas and it’s quite difficult to tell exactly what it is without closely looking at it. They’re pretty friendly creatures and typically just enjoy a diet of squid, baby fish, and other crustaceans. Injuries from sunfish are rather rare but they have been known to leap out and hit people who are on boats which might be as hilarious as it sounds! It would certainly not be a joking

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Abandoned Places in Texas

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The lone star state is known for having the most ghost towns in the US and there are plenty of little abandoned towns within the borders of this vast territory. From places fit for a chainsaw movie, to desolate villages with ruins from the past, here abandoned places in texas.

15. Terlingua, Texas
The discovery of what’s known as cinnabar here in the 1880’s brought miners to the area, which created a bustling city of 2000 people. Cinnabar is what mercury is extracted from which we all know is a toxic substance. But nonetheless, miners need mercury to purify gold and for other reasons. In the early 1900’s, the population rose to 3 thousand people. However, it was clear that this city wasn’t meant to last forever as the mines began to encounter continuous flooding which meant getting money was difficult. It’s located next to Big Bend National Park which helps it still get some visitors but for the most part, it’s mainly abandoned.

14. Forbidden Gardens
Located in Katy, Texas near San Antonio, you used to have the chance to see another replica of a monument on the other side of the world! They have a bunch of full scale Terra Army soldiers and a 1:20 scale replica of the forbidden city in China. This outdoor museum probably isn’t something you’d expect to be seen in China but nonetheless it opened in 1996 with funding from Ira Poon. it eventually closed its doors in 2011 to make room for a new highway and this park wasn’t meant to be

13. Futuro Houses
There’s quite a few strange houses out there in Texas that we’ll get to later and the Futuro house is certainly one of them. Don’t worry! Aliens haven’t landed on earth just yet but This flying saucer style house can be only found in a few different parts of the world but this one we see here is abandoned and located in Rockwall County, Texas. This looks like one of the creepier places to explore in the Lone Star State and this photo was captured from the interior. It looks as though vandals, or disturbed people got in there and wrote some disturbing messages. The futuristic houses were taken off the market and were a big business failure. The way they were constructed makes them nearly impossible to disassemble and it’s been sitting on the side of the highway for decades now, intriguing travellers.

12. Toyah Texas
Somewhere in between San Antonio and El Paso is where you’ll find a little dot on the map known as Toyah. If you’re looking to really leave behind civilization and enjoy some simple country life, then maybe you could move to toyah texas. There aren’t a whole lot of people living in this town with only a population of 90. It has a pretty grim history in the 1900’s with much lawlessness from some of those no good dirty cowboys. In september of 1928, amelia Earhart made a short landing in the town. The best thing to check out here is the historic high school that was founded in 1912 and it certainly looks like no one’s been showing up for class lately.

11. Caddo Lake Abandoned House
While the west side of texas is mostly desert, the eastside can get a little bit swampy.The lake is found on the border of Texas and Louisiana and had been utilized by native americans well before Europeans showed up. While many people might believe that new orleans was the only place affected by hurricane katrina, that’s not the case and people living in this area had to evacuate as well. Gathering the courage to explore this swampy ecosystem isn’t easy but you might uncover some hidden houses like this one. The lake is currently the host for an invasive plant species which is wreaking havoc on the area known as giant Salvinia. It was introduced here on accident from africa and there definitely isn’t a proven method of removing it just yet. It manages to grow twice its size in only a matter of a few days and can destroy not only homes but fish as well.

10. Walnut Ridge
This mysterious and old looking house is located in Gonzales Texas and was designed for the state leading architect in 1901. The man named J Riely Gordon made himself home here for quite a while until it would eventually. Throughout his career, he was inspired by different places around the world but especially the auvergne region of France. Having a prestigious job such as an architect would lead you to believe that he would want to design a house that was pretty snazzy. While some of his homes were more maintained throughout the years, such as the Dilworth HOuse, this home was a little more neglected. Despite it not being kept up with, the house is actually still in pretty good condition for being over 120 years old.

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Strange Things That Happened in Antarctica

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FRom coming across bacteria from another planet, to weird military operations, here strange things that happened in antarctica

12. Ross Expedition
Imagine heading out all the way to antarctica before even having the amenity of electric heating! One of the first and most well-known explorations of antarctica occured from 1839 to 1843 which was lead by James Clark Ross. Being from the UK, going to antarctica would have been like going to a whole nother planet at that time and they mainly checked out mount erebus and mount terror. Those mountains would eventually be named after the ships used during this expedition.The crew also explored an area that is now named after explorer with what’s now the ross sea and the ross ice shelf. During the voyage, they kept tract of the zoology by many illustrations. Here we see one of the adelie penguin which is a pretty common in the southernmost continent. Other illustrations would lead you to believe that there was actually some green plants that were growing here like we see with this illustration. In addition to describing the ecology, they also discovered enormous shelves of ice

11. Operation Highjump
The US navy was sent to antarctica and this required 13 ships, 33 aircraft, 4700 men and some huskies, a few who were named high jump and running jump, hints the name of the operation. During a press conference, the government stated that antarctica was a very large continent with a large amount of untapped resources. You have to wonder if this is the true reason, since there is already quite a bit of coal and oil that the US had access to, especially right after ww2. Antarctica would prove to be much more difficult to set a base up on than greenland for example. A group of ships arrived to the Bay of Whales in 1947 where little America 4 was constructed.

8. Little Americas
The US set up a series of bases known as little americas 1-5 between 1929 to 1958, located south of the bay of Whales. The first little america was built in 1929 and left abandoned the next year. Many letters were sent from this location but eventually it went abandoned. Finally radio broadcasting was introduced at little america two on an iceberg and it’s believed the radio towers are still out thereOther precious little americas were found under anywhere from 10 to 25 feet of snow. Only a month later did they start to head back the other way. Perpetual blizzards made it virtually impossible to fly and frigid conditions must have made some settlers lose their minds. The ships have trouble breaking through the ice and Paving airstrips lead to fatalities. Some even feel as though the Americans encountered flying saucer technology which drove them out of the area. Could this actually be the case?

7. Operation Deep Freeze
Operation deep freeze often refers to ongoing operations by the US military which began in 1955 which were often to resupply antarctica bases. People who were living in antarctica for supposed scientific research might enjoy eating something different than fried penguin from time to time and military operations would seem to support it. Some of the things that were studied here included weather systems, glacial movement and marine life to name a few. But it was already clear that the soviets were in antarctica and we’re sure some people got a little bit nosey and wondered what they were up to. Here we see the operation deep freeze patch which rather interesting if you take a close look at it. You got a plane, helicopter and a penguin and we really hope the penguin won’t be what gets sacrificed.

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Albino Animals You Need to See

Albinism is a disorder that can leave people and animals with the partial or complete absence of pigment. It’s a pretty rare condition that can leave some people with extreme sensativity to sunlight, bad vision problems, and can make life difficult at times. Many exotic animals are sought after who give a brilliant white glow and you might be surprised by the variety of species it can effect. From snow white squirrels

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STRANGEST Capital Cities

Capitol cities are often thought of as being the most historical city in the country with the most stuff to do and where the president, or dictator, gets their work done. There is often a lot of artwork, museums and unique things to do there that you can’t see anywhere else. But what if some capitals don’t always fit the description of how they’re supposed to be? Maybe some of these big cities go just a little overboard on all the crazy artwork or unique things to do? From space age cities that went over the top to european capitals that should just stop, here are the strangest capital cities!

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Most INSANE Ancient Palaces

Many ancient kings and queens constructed elaborate living quarters where they could spend their spare time, hopefully in peace! Roman emperors had an unimaginable amount of wealth which would help them construct wonders that would endure ages to come. We’re sure if MTV cribs was a thing back in ancient times, these palaces would have shocked the known world. From a palace of mysteries near pompeii to massive royal properties built by the persians, here the most insane ancient palaces.

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Mysterious Natural Wonders Around the World

While humans are known for creating some incredible things, mother nature finds a way to make us all pale in comparison. There are many places on earth that might either leave you terrified or unfulfilled without knowing how they got that way. A lot of these places will leave you asking questions on how that’s possible Ancient people might have even believed that some spots here might have been created by giants or even demons. From a strange forests swarming with lethal insects, to vast underground rivers here are mysterious natural wonders around the world.

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