Most Insane Russian Tanks!

Extremely dangerous russian tanks on the battlefield are some of the most advanced machines in the military that you won’t believe throughout the ages. Let’s see if the armata tank or the T-90 would be able to destroy modern american tanks in action.

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7.Armata T15 Vehicle
In addition to the devastating T15 tank, Russia has some other armored vehicles up their sleeves. The Russian T15 Fighting vehicle is used by their armed forces and is the first one of its kind. It uses a steel and ceramic composite armor with an automatic 30mm cannon and capable of storing 500 of these rounds. It has the compacity to carry 9 people and reach speeds of 65-to 70 miles an hour. It’s about the same weight of a tank but would be used more often for scouting with it’s multiple cameras and mobility.

This soviet tank destroyer had some serious firepower with a 100mm D10S and was used most often during the end of world war two. It’s certainly earned its classification and was able to penetrate 125mm of vertical armor from a range of 1.2 miles and could pierce through German Panther from a range of 0.93 miles. Able to reach a speed of 30 miles an hour but that also came with an upgrade of its own armor. Not too many were constructed though with only 2,335 seeing service by 1945 but many more reproduced and even still active in countries such as morocco, algeria, north korea, yemen and vietnam.

The T-34 was a medium tank developed by the soviets and it quickly became a force to reckon with. Anti-tank rounds had trouble piercing it’s well-sloped armor which means projectiles wouldn’t be making a 90 degree impact upon it. During the war, many advancements were made to make it more cost effective and quicker to produce. They managed to make an estimated 80,000 of them making it the 2nd most produced during world war II, after the M4. The T-34 made an appearance during the biggest tank battle of all time, the battle of kursk and played a big role in repelling the final german offensive

4.The Flying Tank
Some military helicopters out there, might get the nickname of the flying tank, but this strange prototype, literally is a flying tank. This is what’s known as the Antonov A-40, which is basically a 6 ton tank attached to a glider plane. The idea was to use gliders to gently transport tanks into the front lines, but this appeared to have some difficulties. This soviet design, never actually seen on the battlefield but actually was tested out in 1942. The extreme drag created by the tank’s sheer weight was enough for them to call off the project and the Soviets looked for other ways to transport tanks. Still terrifying nonetheless.

Possibly one of the most disappointing soviet tanks ever made is the T80 tank which entered service in 1976 and is still in use currently. It was mainly produced in the city of Omsk, Russia and its chief designer was Nikolay Popov. This is classified as a main battle tank and they were certainly the standard during the cold war. NATO was certainly worried about the mechanical beasts and feared that they could take over all of europe in only a few weeks. For a while, it was unclear exactly how they could be destroyed which lead to the advanced research in anti-tank weaponry. Some of the thickest portions of armor could reach about 13 centimeters in the hull and turret while still being able to reach a max speed of 43 miles an hour on a road. The t80’s are equipped with 125 millimeter smoothbore cannons which can effectively fire a shell 3.5 kilometers. While everything might sound good on paper, they proved to be fairly ineffective against chechen rebels. It gulped a lot of fuel and required a lot of maintenance

Another soviet main battle tank, the T-72 has seen heavy combat on 3 different continents and is considered to be a 2nd generation well armored machine. It was first in service in 1973 and one of the most exported main battle tanks in the world. An estimated 30,000 of the tanks have been made and was one of the favorites among the red army. It was the most commonly used tank by countries who were apart of the warsaw pact from the 1970’s all the way until the fall of the soviet union in the 1990’s. Downgraded versions of the T-72 were exported to arab countries like iraq with inferior armor, just in case they decided to go against russia for some reason. In any case, they were designed to be resistant to nuclear, biological and chemical warfare attacks for extrea protection. This was partially in thanks to a synthetic fabric made from a boron compound which would reduce the effects of a neuron bomb.


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Tourist Destinations That NO LONGER Exist

Not all tourist destinations last forever and many of these we’re about to mention have either been completely closed off from the public or were destroyed! Sometimes mother nature likes to take back some of the beautiful things she created as we’re about to see soon. Other times, people will simply abandoned popular spots and let nature consume them. From natural wonders that randomly collapsed, to creepy abandoned waterparks, here tourist attractions that no longer exist.

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5.HoThuy Tien
Possibly one of the creepiest abandoned water parks in the world, ho thuy tien is known for the large abandoned dragon here which is seemingly eroding away with the elements as time goes by. It was located in the imperial capital of Hue which was under siege during the Vietnam conflict. The waterpark is found in a small natural lake complex only about 8 kilometers away from the city center Hue. There were all sorts of various attractions here that would have certainly been amusing, but now it’s slowly being consumed by mother earth and vietnamese teenagers with spray paint bottles. It’s noted that a lot of unsupervised kids might be on the preA lot of people wonder why it’s actually abandoned. The park cost millions of dollars to build but abruptly shut down operations. It’s possible that the communist government here didn’t want people to have too much fun and closed it down! It’s still open but you won’t want to get into the water slides because who knows what kind of jungle animals might be living in those things.

4.Herculane Baths
The area where this next romanian abandoned place has had a long history of human inhabitation but not so much recently it appears. Archaeological discoveries would show that the area had people living here during the paleolithic area who took shelter in some of the numerous caves in this region. The legend has it that Hercules made a stop here in this valley to rest and take a bath in some of the naturally forming hot springs. That should give away how it got its name. In any case though, in modern times, a resort spa town was built since many believed that they had natural healing properties. A lot of the water contains, sulpher, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. A hotel was built around the 1930’s and eventually many more would open as a result of its success. Anywhere from 8 to 12 stories, many of the hotels were pretty big and catered to a variety of people. During the USSR era, many comrades would spend their paid vacations here to improve their health. But as the soviet era would come to end

3. Maya Bay, Thailand

It’s home to some of Thailand’s most popular beaches by tourists until recently as of June the 1st, Thailand has temporarily banned visitors from flocking to their shores. Thailand’s environment has taken a small hit from tourism. The government plans of giving the land a little bit of a break in order to let the ecosystem make a rebound, so tourists can enjoy it some day in the future. During this break, the marine environment will be closely studied, conditions of the beach to see how tourism is making an impact. The national park on the island is currently shut down from visitors and it receives as many as 2.4 million visitors each year. Maybe thailand is trying some kind of marketing ploy by telling people they can’t come here? Beautiful beaches in places like the philippines have been known to shutdown once the crystal clear waters began turning into a cesspool. Many involved in the tourist industry may have to find another job until people are allowed again.

2.Duckbill Oregon
This random looking rock formation was found in the state of oregon and it served as a popular place to take photos at. From this angle, you can kind of see how it looks like a bird or even possibly a duck which helps it get it’s name. One day, some one was injured by climbing on top of it to get a photo and fell down, breaking their leg in the process. One day, the duckbill formation was destroyed by vandals and they were caught by someone using a drone. When they were caught, they were asked why they did it. They answered that they were doing a service to oregon because their friend broke their leg while climbing it and figured that other people would do the same thing. NO it’s just a pile of meaningless rocks that no one will get to see in person again. This is why we can’t have nice things.


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Most Unbelievable Sunken Cities

These are the most mysterious sunken cities ever discovered! Explore these amazing lost cities found underwater!

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7. Land Of Mu
Many people still theorize that the pacific Ocean was actually home to a much larger continent that we don’t see anymore. Maybe the reason why there is so many islands in the pacific is that they were all connected at one point in time and existed on a common landmass until a disaster struck? Some feel as though ancient wonders such as the Easter Island statues must have been created by an advanced superculture who lived somewhere else on this lost continent. Others speculate that this would have been home to Atlantis and that the disaster would have taken place around the same time as humans began to advance in technology. Other underwater structures such as the yonaguni monument which are seemingly man made are claimed by some to be remnants of the Mu continent. What do you believe about this theory.

6. Geamana, Romania
A once beautiful little Romanian Village was swept away by orange toxic sludge in the late 1970’s and people had no choice but to abandon it! The stubborn town initial refused to leave their homes but when large amounts of copper ores were uncovered, the Soviet Union had the upper hand in what happened. The communist dictator ordered that all those who lived here, flee their homes, so they could flood the the Geamana valley with a slew of toxic waste. If you’re even thinking about taking a swim here, you’d certainly be looking for a death wish! The polluted lake contains cyanide, lead and mercury. Here you can see the steeple of the church barely poping out from underneath the toxic sludge, giving you an idea how deep the lake is!

5. Lost Egyptian Underwater City
The Lost Egyptian city of Heracleion mysteriously vanished below the Mediterranean was considered to be the major port city in order access the Nile River. This unbelievable discovery includes more than 64 boats buried beneath thick clay, Gold coins, giant 16 foot statues, slabs of Greek and Egyptians text and more! What could have possibly caused the submergence of an entire city you may ask? Researchers suspect a rise in sea level contributed in this. Also liquefaction of the soil played a role; this means the ground basically turns to mud. But no one is exactly sure how it ended up underwater. Something like an earthquake can usually be a reason. These remarkable discoveries will be preserved and researched in order to learn more about this unique, and amazing culture.

4. Lake Mead Ghost Town
As water levels area at an all time low at Lake Mead due to a severe drought in recent years, this reveals a ghost town. Each year, Las Vegas’ water reservoir seems to diminish slowing and things that were once underwater are now popping up, even small cities! Unbelievable but this is true. The abandoned town of St. Thomas is now visible and can soak up the sun. People fled their homes when the Hoover Dam was built. It blocked the waterflow and in 1938 this city was submerged and was even below 60 feet of water! Founded in 1865, this is also one of the oldest cities in Southern Nevada even older than Sin City by 40 years! Tourists can now visit the ruins of this ghost town. This just goes to show how fast water goes missing in the desert.

3. Yonaguni Monument
Strange underwater rock formations were discovered in Japan in 1987 that appear to reveal very smooth and flat edges, almost as if they were man made! What’s even more interesting about this site is that geologists believe that this area of land would have been above ground about 8-10,000 years ago. This certainly helps support the theory that the smooth flat edges are no strange coincidence. If it were actually constructed by humans, which people are still debating, it would be the oldest known structure on earth! This would drastically change many theories about the first civilization being in Sumeria and people’s minds would be simply blown and history books rewritten!

2. The Lion City
Also known as the Chinese Atlantis, the ancient city was once a powerful center of politics and an economical trade center in the eastern province of Zhejiang. It is now at the bottom of a land made lake called Qiandao that was the result of a new hydroelectric power station. Surrounded by the lion mountains, it was dubbed Lion City and is below 131 feet of water. Divers have revisited the majestic city and hope to make it a new tourist attraction in China. It still remains in great condition. In this photo you can see what the great place may have once looked like hundreds of years ago. You can still see the great detail of the statues and architecture from 1400 years ago. With all the intricate carving, this would make an excellent place for scuba diving.


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BEST Strategies for the Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse will be extremely unpredictable and it’s good to have more than one plan to survive. From locking yourself up in your house until the chaos settles down, to building up an arsenal of various tools to use to your advantage, here the best strategies for the zombie apocalypse.

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5.Selective Looting Rush Strategy
If you really don’t feel like staying at home for too long and you didn’t stock up on a bunch of supplies before the apocalypse broke out, this might be your best strategy. Survival won’t be easy but while other people are locked up in their homes, don’t waste any time to get out there and get the stuff you need! The people going with the home fortress strategy might miss out on some of the best items that can be looted. For this one, you’re gonna need a fairly large bag, a crowbar, and possibly some kind of gas mask. Hit places like pharmacies, grocery stores, coscos, walmarts etc to get what you need and get out. Items at pharmacies might become extremely valuable and will catch a good price while bartering. But take the items you need the most to stay alive and that take up the least amount of space possible.

4.Top of Parking Garage
There seems to be plenty of parking garages around the world and these structures could actually prove to be excellent hiding places during the zombie apocalypse. It would be pretty easy to block the entry to one, being high up would give you a vantage point and zombies aren’t known to be good climbers. The parking garage might be close to a large store that’s stocked full of supplies and you might find cars that have valuables inside them. Trying to stay at the top of a parking garage might prove to be a little bit difficult for a long period of time if you’re not able to make use of some kind food source. In this case, birds flying around might make a good option or even a garden if you have the patience.

3.Outdoor Survivalist
This next strategy certainly isn’t for everyone out there and a lot of people cringe at the thought of even having to kill their own, let alone doing it as a means of staying alive. If you’re gonna go through with this strategy, try to pick an area that has a lot of animals, a lot of trees, a lot of freshwater etc. You’re gonna need to learn how to build a shelter, how to make a fire and possibly how to fight off bears! Learn about the different plants that be used as medicine out there and native americans could do it for all those years, there’s no reason why you can’t either! For this strategy, it’s best to have a few people to work with side by side but you should be extra cautious of outsiders. But in case anything happens, just be prepared to become a lone wolf.

2.Zombie Trapper
What’s the point of stocking up on a bunch of weapons if you just build a huge trap in front of your home instead! While of course it’s always useful to have a decent arsenal, less is more in some cases during the zombie apocalypse. If you have the time, consider digging a massive pit, at least 6 feet deep around your hide out. Once a zombie a falls in there, there’s really no way for them to get out. Once their stuck, they’ll be a sitting duck and vulnerable to whatever way you want to attack them. Maybe you can even keep some as a pet? In any case, the zombie trapper strategy should work well if you’re not being constanted swarmed by hordes of the infected.


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STRONGEST Animals You Don’t Want To Mess With!

You don’t want to mess with these strongest animals on earth. You will not want them to mess with you!

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7.Red Kangaroo
When we’re talking about some animals that got some serious muscle definition, the red kangaroo certainly comes to mind! This guy looks like he’s done some hard time in an australian prison and has been bench pressin’ since before you were even born! How many other kangaroos do you know that have some serious bicep definition. These animals are so tough, that they’ve even had to have their illegal fight clubs shutdown by authorities. The residents of Myrtle Creek will no longer be able to enjoy the good ole fashioned excitement of a quality kangaroo boxing match any more.. It’s been made illegal to box with a kangaroo here. Red kangaroos can grow over 6 feet tall and can hop at a speed of over 35 miles an hour and over 6 feet high!

6.Honey Badger
The Honey Badger is no joke. It will laugh in the face of leopards and doesn’t mind eating a venomous snake for supper. Unlike the mongoose, the honey badger doesn’t need a group of other badgers to hunt one. As the name might suggest, the honey badger loves honey. Even though bees are willing to lose their life, defending the nest, this fearless creature with destroy an entire nest, and feast on the spoils of war. If the honey badger wants it, he’ll most likely get it. Sometimes a huge swarm can be a little much for him but he definitely makes our list for his courage and fierce ability to take on fights with other larger animals, like jackals.

5.Silverback Gorilla
If you’re roaming through the jungle, it’s probably best to steer clear of a silverback gorilla who can cause some serious damage to your hp. An adult gorilla is anywhere from 4 to 9 times stronger than a human. It’s believed that they are strong enough to lift 1800 pounds which would make any NFL player look like a total wuss. With all this extra strength, they can tear down banana trees with their hand. They also have been seen bending metal bars in order to escape from the cages. Some have displayed incredible strength by breaking bamboo canes with their bare hands, which would require 20 times the strength of humans.

Chimpanzees might seem small and cute but these animals are about 4 times as strong as humans at only a fraction of our size! That’s some serious evolution right there. Humans who underestimate their strength can easily be overwhelmed by their sheer brute force. While humans have more control over their muscles, chimpanzees have stronger and denser muscles which leads to increased strength. Their muscle fibers are also closer to their bones and they’re able to generate more power with the same range of motions. Not only that but they can become aggressive when you would least expect it, making them rather unpredictable. Some experts claim that there is no safe time to be in the same room as a chimp and one of their natural tendencies is certainly aggression.

3.African Elephant
These large herbivores rely on their strength in order to stay alive in the wilderness of africa. They are the largest terrestrial animals and have some serious brain power as well. With the African elephant weighing anywhere from 5 to 6.5 tons, they also got some big brains in their heads! Elephants have more brain mass than any other land animal and their brains are twice the size of a whale’s with a total 300 billion neurons. They the same amount of neurons as the human brain they’re often considered to be one of the smartest animals as well. Elephants were also notorious for being some of the most feared animals on the battlefield and are strong enough to carry 130 adult humans

2.Leaf Cutter ant
If the soviet union was still a nation, they would prefer that everyone work hard like leafcutter ants and their country would be a giant nest. They are extremely effective workers who can strip a tree of its foilage in under 24 hours if they get the chance. The reason they do this is so they can grow a fungus in which they’ll all feast on together. Leaf cutter ant colonies can have millions of ants and these colonies can be a lot more complicated that you might expect them to be. But what’s really impressive about these creatures is that they can carry very large leaves that are much larger than themselves. They can lift objects 50 times their own body weight. That would be like american eye trying to lift some pyramid stones that weigh 9000 pounds each.


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STRANGE Things Sold on the Dark Web

Here are the bizarre things found on the deep web. Keep watching for terrifying and mysterious dark web things that can’t be explained.

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6.Stolen Netflix Accounts
Similar to uber account hacks, there is an increase in stolen netflix accounts due to the popularity of the media outlet. Thousands of accounts and login details can be sold for pennies on the dollar which means you gotta be careful or some strangers could be watching movies that you pay for. Users might be able to spot some strange occurances by checking their netflix history and if they see something they didn’t watch, it could mean that their account was compromised. It could be a period of time when we see the internet becoming a wild west of sorts and maybe in the future, things will calm down a little bit.

5.Drinking Water
Normally when you walk into a store and buy some bottled water, you typically wouldn’t question where it comes from or if it’s real bottled water. In the capital city of Beijing, it’s estimated that70 percent of bottled water is fake and just normal tap water. Suppliers of this crucial resource can make all kinds of insane profit by just filling up water bottles and resealing them. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of yuan. In China, you can’t always take fresh air or clean water for granted and many people are willing to pay extra to make sure it’s clean. Water purification faucets sales have risen dramatically and have felt an improvement in their health as a result. Just hopefully those filters aren’t counterfeit either!

4.Creepy Realistic Masks
Have you ever considered completely changing your face before you go and commit a crime? As 3d printing technology increases, so do clever disguises which can make you become anyone you want to be! Some of the most realistic silicone masks you’ve ever seen can go on sale on the dark web. Get one of these, along with a fake degree and who knows what you can accomplish! These are just some kind of masks you get for halloween either! The masks can be glued to the face which will then move when you talk as well. It uses similar technology to hollywood movies and they can be crafted in various ways to help you achieve the desired look.

3. 3D Printed Handgun
Can people seriously 3D print handguns and is it really that easy to get ahold of a firearm nowadays? People on the black market can basically get whatever they want as long as they got the bitcoin! It gets even more concerning when you realize that people can make firearms in their basement with a 3d printer and then one of those gets confiscated by TSA! Weapons can be allowed but it can’t be on your carry on bag like this person tried to do. No word on how well it worked, but the person seemed to be packing live ammunition on it as well so this thing isn’t getting through either.

2.Pocket EMP’s?
Apparently in China, on the dark web, people are able to buy pocket sized electromagnetic pulse devices that could seriously disrupt any electronic devices nearby. This might be useful if you go on a date and the person your seeing won’t get off their phone! In any case, it seems like some kind of secret weapon that you would really hope doesn’t get used against you! There are apparently directions online how to make one and if you do it right, they can be about the size of a disposable camera! But if you don’t know what your doing and don’t wanna risk messing up your own electronic devices, it might just be best to get one off the black market.


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STRANGEST Abandoned Mines!

Abandoned mines are scattered throughout the earth’s surface and will make a lasting impact on the world as we know it. These pose dangers to our health whether some may get trapped in them or decide to swim in water found in the pit, everyone should be aware of the potential hazards. From the largest iron pit mine in the US, to dangerous uranium mines in western asia, here area abandoned mines

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5.Hull-Rust-Mahoning Iron Mine
The largest open pit iron mine in the united states is 1.5 miles wide by 3.5 miles long and can be as deep as 600 feet! This is located in the state of Minnesota and it’s believed that it producted as much as ¼ of all the iron ore used by the US for world war I and I. The mine was first established in 1892 and it started off as a deep underground mine but eventually it seemed to be a better choice to build an open pit since much of the ore was scattered. It almost looks like a man made version of the Grand Canyon as the iron turns a reddish brown as it’s exposed to oxygen. New cities were built to accommodate the workers coming here and the mine rapidly expanded as iron is used for steel to construct skyscrapers, weaponry, bridges, airports, stadiums etc. It’s believed that an estimated 690 million tons of iron were removed from this open pit mine when it was operational. Today it stands as a national historic site

This place is one of the most polluted and radioactive sites in the world. Located in Kyrgyzstan, it’s radiation is derived from the large amount of Uranium ore deposits. Mining operations from 1946 to 1968 left this place severely damaged. They managed to mine nearly 10,000 tons of uranium ore for the Soviet nuclear program. A landslide that took place in 1958 released 6000 cubic meters of material from this mine, leaving radioactive particles all over the place. There’s more than 20000 times the amount of normal radiation at this location. When the mining operations ended, it left many people without jobs. It’s believed that many settlers of this region, put themselves in danger and attempt to sell of the metal to scrap metal dealers.

Possibly the most remote and the most abandoned place in the world, would have to be the settlement of Pyramiden located on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard! If you take a look at Svalbard on the map, you tell it’s really not close to much of anythingThe soviet arctic ghost town was once prosperous due to large coal deposits in the area but now that the coal is gone since 1998, so are the people. The abandoned mines though are all over the place! However, Norway has been hoping to turn this into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Not being situated to far from the regional capital of Longyearbyen, it’s a quick hour ride by snowmobile or a few hours by dogsled. If you do decide to come here be sure to dress warm and try not to get too spooked out by all the abandoned things here!

2.Sutter’s Mill Gold Discovery
Just by finding a few flakes of gold at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains sparked one of the largest migrations in history and made California the country’s most populated state. In 1848, when James Marshall found some gold at Sutter’s mill and word got around there was gold in California quite quickly and in 1849 prospectors head west to stake their claim. Getting rich quick was on everyone’s mind. In 1848 the population of San Francisco was only 1,000 people but by 1850 it was a bustling city with over 20,000 people. Fortune seekers from all over the world like from China, Germany, Mexico, Ireland Turkey and of course the easter united states, moved to California during this period. California officially became a state in 1850, partially thanks to there being gold here. If this moment in history never happened, the western united states would most likely be much less developed and less rich. Now you know why california is called the “Golden State”.


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Scary Stories That Were TRUE

We come across many different stories online nowadays that people might doubt or believe could be fake. Many urban legends also might spread which can leave a blurred line between fact and fiction. But when you realize that sometimes the truth can be stranger than fiction, you might come across some real stories that send an even stronger chill down your spine. From plots from horror movies coming to life, to urban legends that weren’t just legends, here are scary stories that were true.

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6.Who Got the Meats?!
Imagine, you’re going to your local arby’s, you order yourself a big roast beef sandwich. As your getting ready to bite into it your mouth begins watering and then you get a bite of meat that you weren’t intending to eat. It’s a little bit chewier than usual and you spit it out! You discover that someone had cut off their finger and it was in sandwich! The woman had cut her finger clean off with a meat slicer and she didn’t alert anyone about it. The workers there claim it was a freak accident and was certainly not on purpose. Accident or not, the kid eating it must have been kind of traumatized by the whole event. It certainly was not finger licking good! Let us know in the comment section what the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your was and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video

5.The Upside Down Room
While this isn’t creepy in the same sense as the last one, it pretty surprising that people were able to pull this off. Working as a housekeeper lady at hotels must be some tough work and i bet she was scared when she walked in here! An anonymous hotel worker reported online that a fairly popular band had been staying at the hotel. They had received noise complaints from anyone in any other rooms. She went up there to clean it when the band had finally left and her discovery was shocking! Everything that was on the floor was somehow nailed to the ceiling! Not a single piece of furniture remained where it was originally placed! How did they pull this off? The hotel worker was amused but certainly not the manager.

4.The Cursed Japanese Kleenex Commercial
The tissue company Kleenex made this commercial in the 1980’s. Many people found the music in the background of this ad to be extremely bizzare. Others noticed something much more horrifying. The woman sounded like she was chanting a German curse hymn in addition to the already strange ad. Not long after the making of this, a horrifying curse was put onto all those who had something to do with the production.The child you see here was dressed like an ogre suffering from nightmares and became severely ill. l.His mother went mentally insane and had to be emitted to a mental hospital. The woman in the tissue ad is still doing okay but is unable to have children. The cameraman who shot it, we’ll just say he went into a sauna and never came out.

3.Whale Oil on Satellites
Whale oil has been banned for quite some time now, but some claim there is enough evidence to believe that Nasa has been using it on the Hubble telescope. This was first mentioned a on History Channel documentary, and Nasa responded that this wasn’t true. However many claim that nasa isn’t being truthful once again. Whale oil is a lubricant that will not freeze under sub zero temperatures and would work perfectly on machinery in outer space. Unless a synthetic substitute was developed, it’s rather difficult to see how some of their machinery can operate in such conditions.

This Insane Asylum on Staten Island, New York was extremely overcrowded with people who had severe mental disorders. Anyone in New York at that time with a mental or physical mutation were locked up here. When a surprise documentary was displayed on national television, many people were appalled by the conditions. Atrocities occurred that you don’t want to know about which caused the facility to close its doors. But where did everyone go? Many say that once this happened, children in Staten Island were kidnapped by an insane man named who once lived here. This mysterious man, allegedly with a hook for an arm would then taken back to the abandoned Willowbrook. Rumors of ghosts or boogey men are still reported at this location.


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