Creepy Wikipedia Pages You Should NOT Visit

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Creepy Wikipedia Pages You Should NOT Visit
Everyone loves hearing scary stories, but there are some you shouldn’t look up if you want to sleep at night.
12 – Carl Tanzler
Carl Tanzler was a radiology technician in the 1930s when he fell in love with one of his patients: the beautiful Elena Milagro de Hoyos. Unfortunately for Tanzler, his love was doomed. Hoyos had contracted tuberculosis and didn’t live to see the other side of her illness. That didn’t stop Tanzler’s feelings, however. They only grew as he continued to obsess over her.
In 1933, 2 years after she had been buried, Tanzler stole Hoyos from her tomb and kept her in his house for 7 years. Among many other unsavory deeds you can probably guess at, Tanzler took every effort to preserve Hoyos’s beauty, including using wax, plaster, and glass eyes. After his crime was discovered and Hoyos’s body was returned to the cemetery, Tanzler remained just ss obsessed with her as he’d ever been. He spent the rest of his life worshipping a life-sized effigy of her he’d recreated.

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11 – Slender Man
One submission to an online forum for photoshopping supernatural photos in 2009 took the internet by storm: Slender Man. The tall, besuited figure with spidery tentacles had a terrifying and unstoppable penchant of taking children like a monstrous Pied Piper. Slender Man quickly became an internet urban legend as more and more people added to his mythos.
His influence took a turn for the worse as he became a real-life horror story. In 2014, 2 twelve-year-old girls tried sacrificing their friend in Slender Man’s honor, believing that they would become proxies to the eldritch monster if they succeeded. If they failed, they and their families would be forfeit to him. It was only luck that their victim survived.

10 – Salish Sea Human Foot Discoveries
Shoes have been known to wash ashore now and then, but strange things are afoot along the Salish Sea in British Columbia and Washington. They’re not always empty. 21 sneakers with unattached human feet inside have appeared since 2007, with many identified as belonging to missing people. Many of these feet’s owners are thought to have been victims of accidents, natural disasters, or depression. In some cases, with nothing else of them found, there are only theories as to what could have happened.

9 – Spontaneous Human Combustion
Fire needs 3 things to survive: fuel, oxygen, and heat, which usually means a lot of wood or gasoline is involved. However, in certain cases, humans have been found to suddenly catch fire from the inside out, where none of these fire elements are available. While some cases could have been caused by external fire sources, such as embers or ash catching on clothing, many can’t be explained away so simply. These victims of spontaneous combustion go to sleep one night only to wake up unable to move as they burn — if they wake up at all. Strangely, in many cases, their legs are the only survivors. In these cases, the rooms around them are often untouched by the flames as well, with perhaps only the chair they’re sitting in catching.

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