Haunted and Abandoned Mansions

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Normally, people don’t just go around abandoning their valuable mansions unless something drastic happens. It can be from various different reasons including natural disasters, running out of money or something horrible happened that they’re trying to forget about. Some of these places were about to mention get the reputation for being haunted and have been preserved to hold on to some heritage. From a mansion in las vegas has been tough for real estate agents to sell, to places that have been consumed by the jungle, here are haunted and abandoned mansions. Here are haunted and abandoned mansions

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7. Magnolia Plantation, louisiana
Rumor has it that slaves who once practiced voodoo at this plantation cursed the land here and it’s home to unsettling paranormal activity.The creepy swamp trees you see in this photo are likely to spook you out as well. The dark history of slavery in the south has allowed for several ghost sightings of both the slaves and the plantation owners. Today, the plantation is preserved and owned by the national park service while the farming acreage is owned by the descendants of Ambrose John Hertzog. This photo here shows the slave quarters which rumored to be even more haunted. They continued to live there until the year 2000 until they moved. Now, it’s pretty much abandoned but you can still visit it if you want.

6. Binion’s Mansion
The site of where an unsolved homicide took place in Las Vegas seems to remain abandoned as many people are very aware of its park past. The Casino Mogul named ted binion once lived here until his untimely end in 1998. Binion had met a stripper girlfriend who he decided to let move in with him but that could have been the last mistake he ever made. The woman named Sandy was accused and her side man was caught trying to bust open his silver vault after the crime took place. The two were convicted but never charged, and mystery remains. Real estate agents are trying to sell it for as low as a million despite the 1.4 acre property being worth 2.5 million about 15 years ago. Today you can still see it on google maps with a for sale sign. Good luck trying to sell that place!

5. Morgan House
Located in West Bengal in the country of india, there’s just something that looks a little bit spooky about this house that was built in the 1930’s. The Morgan house was constructed in British colonial style and was constructed to commemorate a wedding of Mr George Morgan, who was an indigo plantation owner. After the owners passed away, there was no heir or heiress to inherited the home and it eventually ended up in the hands of the indian government. The prime minister wanted to turn it into a government retreat home but then he fell fatally ill which left it abandoned for quite some time. Many feel as though this mansion is truly haunted by Ms Morgan who fell very ill at a young age shortly after moving in, while others have reported an overall good experience while visiting it.

4. Isola La Gailo
People have tried to live here since roman times but eventually served as a defensive island to protect naples from invaders. It recent a bad reputation since the 19th century, when it was said that a hermit wizard lived there and constructed the abandoned villa that you still see today. Since 1920, everyone else who’s lived there has received a terrible fate not too long after. One of the first who tried to live there was Hans Braun from Switzerland who became the victim of a horrible crime and was found wrapped up in a rug. His wife had also drowned in the surrounding sea. After much horrible stuff happened here that we can’t get into, the island was eventually deemed as property of the government of the Campania region which will prevent anyone else moving in.

3. Cedar Grove Mansion
This southern style mansion was used as a hospital during the civil war after soldiers were injured in the battle of Vicksburg. The current owner was originally delighted with buying such a beautiful historic mansion, that was until he noticed spirits of confederate soldiers roaming around!

2. Lemp Mansion
Another haunted mansion, this was built by a wealthy brewing family in the mid 1800’s. Some type of tragedy struck causing 4 of members of the lemp family to take their own life. People claim the house is overwhelmed by poltergeist activity and is the most haunted place in the state of Missouri. We’ll get to the other states in an upcoming video.


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