How Dennis Rodman Blew All His Money

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The man is considered one of the best, if not the best, rebounders the game of basketball has ever seen. He was known for doing any and everything to get the basketball back to his teammates Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. His skill on the court helped the Chicago Bulls win 3 NBA championship ship titles, and he even garnered the nickname “the worm”. But he was also reckless, eccentric, and partied hard. We are of course talking about NBA legend Dennis Rodman. A man that continues to fascinate fans of basketball to this day. Yes, his green hair made him stand out. Sure, he was know to have a rebel attitude, and disappear for days at a time— DURING NBA championship games. But deep down, he had a love for the sport that was unmatched, and a talent that may never be seen again. So, why is it that this man is currently worth a mere $500,000? At one point he had an estimated $27 million in the bank, so where did it all go? To answer that, we have to take a deep dive into the lavish spending, the all-night parties, and believe it or not— the charitable donations that this man would constantly give out. He’s a walking contradiction and knows it. He’s Dennis Rodman. And today, we’re talking about exactly where his fortune went, and why. After all, you don’t go from NBA superstar levels of cash to, well, NOT NBA levels of cash without a few incredible stories, and purchases.

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