Most amazing Cave Paintings

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From paintings that seem like they’re portals to another world, to some of the earliest depictions of cows, here are the most unbelievable cave paintings.

12. Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, Utah
The Sego Canyon Petroglyphs on the sandstone cliffs of Sego Canyon, Utah showcase 8000 year old haunting, life-sized images of people with hollow or missing eyes. They’re also often missing limbs. It’s certainly a mystery how they’ve lasted for so long and what exactly the ancient tribesmen were trying to represent. Many scientists firmly believe these were religious visions by shaman during a trance-like state and were documented on this cliff. But is it possible these religious visions were actually real, and these could be evidence of visitation by aliens? These phantom like imagines are certainly some of the most bizarre cave paintings known to man. This photo here even depicts human like bodies with wings. What could have possibly inspired this work of art?

11. Petroglyphs of Sloan Canyon, Nevada
Located south of Las Vegas, the petroglyphs of sloan canyon are often overlooked by the petroglyphs at the valley of fire or red rock canyon. How these should not be overlooked, and are some of the best preserved petroglyphs in the western united states. It’s not a tourist friendly attraction and the sloan canyon conservation area was created basically to keep people out rather than to keep them in.. They date back to 12,000 years ago and it requires an intense 2 to 3 mile hike to reach. Much of the artwork is open to interpretation and some of them might even make you wonder if the piutes who lived here might have made some kind of contact with extraterrestrials. It’s believed that the valley was filled with more water at one point in time, meaning that it was much more habitable than it is now.

10 Caves of the Hands, Argentina
At the bottom of the South American, in Argentina, lies a mysterious work of art, left by our ancient ancestors 10,000 years ago. Inside this cave, many hand prints were left in a creepy fashion. It’s believed that hunters sprayed their hand and left negative images of their handprints all across the wall. Many of them overlap each other and almost seems like it’s a depiction of lost souls, trying to reach their way out from the underworld. What it’s supposed to represent hasn’t been figured out completely. Many claim it was a ritual before taking part in a hunting expedition. Others believe it was an initiation ritual that was performed after they were accepted as part of the clan. Another enigma is how the could have lasted have last for so many centuries.

9. Anasazi Cave Art
The Anasazi people were a Native American people who lived in pueblos in the South West, more specifically the 4 corners region since 1200 BC. These hunter and gatherer people later on developed advanced technology in agriculture, cultivating maize, beans, and squash. They had a prominent knowledge of celestial science which helped them decide where to place buildings. They didn’t call themselves the Anasazi, but were given this name by the Navajos meaning “ancient enemies”. They seemed to enjoy a fairly high standard of living for native americans, until they mysteriously vanished in 1200 AD. Why would they build these remarkable cliff dwellings, only to disappear not too long after. They left many of their possessions at home as if they were planning on returnings Here you see some mysterious cliff carvings by this culture. Some seem to think this was some kind of portal to another world others seem. Some claim it was due to drought but not enough remains were discovered to suggest this theory

8.Wandjina Rock Art, Australia
The spooky rock art found in Western Australia was created by aboriginal tribes, who would have had no western influence of our depiction of aliens. Despite this, you’ll still find the petroglyphs of what seems to be very similar to how we would describe an alien. With a large heads, big-eyes and an bodily odd shape, these paintings were extremely important to them. They were given several coats of painting. The aboriginals claimed these were the weather spirits, who have the capability to create rainfall.

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