Most Insane Russian Tanks!

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Extremely dangerous russian tanks on the battlefield are some of the most advanced machines in the military that you won’t believe throughout the ages. Let’s see if the armata tank or the T-90 would be able to destroy modern american tanks in action.

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7.Armata T15 Vehicle
In addition to the devastating T15 tank, Russia has some other armored vehicles up their sleeves. The Russian T15 Fighting vehicle is used by their armed forces and is the first one of its kind. It uses a steel and ceramic composite armor with an automatic 30mm cannon and capable of storing 500 of these rounds. It has the compacity to carry 9 people and reach speeds of 65-to 70 miles an hour. It’s about the same weight of a tank but would be used more often for scouting with it’s multiple cameras and mobility.

This soviet tank destroyer had some serious firepower with a 100mm D10S and was used most often during the end of world war two. It’s certainly earned its classification and was able to penetrate 125mm of vertical armor from a range of 1.2 miles and could pierce through German Panther from a range of 0.93 miles. Able to reach a speed of 30 miles an hour but that also came with an upgrade of its own armor. Not too many were constructed though with only 2,335 seeing service by 1945 but many more reproduced and even still active in countries such as morocco, algeria, north korea, yemen and vietnam.

The T-34 was a medium tank developed by the soviets and it quickly became a force to reckon with. Anti-tank rounds had trouble piercing it’s well-sloped armor which means projectiles wouldn’t be making a 90 degree impact upon it. During the war, many advancements were made to make it more cost effective and quicker to produce. They managed to make an estimated 80,000 of them making it the 2nd most produced during world war II, after the M4. The T-34 made an appearance during the biggest tank battle of all time, the battle of kursk and played a big role in repelling the final german offensive

4.The Flying Tank
Some military helicopters out there, might get the nickname of the flying tank, but this strange prototype, literally is a flying tank. This is what’s known as the Antonov A-40, which is basically a 6 ton tank attached to a glider plane. The idea was to use gliders to gently transport tanks into the front lines, but this appeared to have some difficulties. This soviet design, never actually seen on the battlefield but actually was tested out in 1942. The extreme drag created by the tank’s sheer weight was enough for them to call off the project and the Soviets looked for other ways to transport tanks. Still terrifying nonetheless.

Possibly one of the most disappointing soviet tanks ever made is the T80 tank which entered service in 1976 and is still in use currently. It was mainly produced in the city of Omsk, Russia and its chief designer was Nikolay Popov. This is classified as a main battle tank and they were certainly the standard during the cold war. NATO was certainly worried about the mechanical beasts and feared that they could take over all of europe in only a few weeks. For a while, it was unclear exactly how they could be destroyed which lead to the advanced research in anti-tank weaponry. Some of the thickest portions of armor could reach about 13 centimeters in the hull and turret while still being able to reach a max speed of 43 miles an hour on a road. The t80’s are equipped with 125 millimeter smoothbore cannons which can effectively fire a shell 3.5 kilometers. While everything might sound good on paper, they proved to be fairly ineffective against chechen rebels. It gulped a lot of fuel and required a lot of maintenance

Another soviet main battle tank, the T-72 has seen heavy combat on 3 different continents and is considered to be a 2nd generation well armored machine. It was first in service in 1973 and one of the most exported main battle tanks in the world. An estimated 30,000 of the tanks have been made and was one of the favorites among the red army. It was the most commonly used tank by countries who were apart of the warsaw pact from the 1970’s all the way until the fall of the soviet union in the 1990’s. Downgraded versions of the T-72 were exported to arab countries like iraq with inferior armor, just in case they decided to go against russia for some reason. In any case, they were designed to be resistant to nuclear, biological and chemical warfare attacks for extrea protection. This was partially in thanks to a synthetic fabric made from a boron compound which would reduce the effects of a neuron bomb.


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