Mystery Car Beats Tesla’s Race Record

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A new mystery car has officially beat Tesla’s famous race record! This concept car is none other than a huge electric car rival! You won’t believe who it is!

Tesla has been running the board when it comes to battery electric vehicles when they revolutionized the market first with their Lotus based Roadster and then with the groundbreaking Model S. Since then other startups and established manufacturers have been scrambling to play catch up and see if they can come up with that sought after “Tesla killer” that will take Tesla’s spot as the best selling BEV manufacturer in the world. Companies ranging from Ford with the Mustang Mach E to Porsche with the Taycan Turbo S have taken aim at Tesla’s astonishing range and mind bending performance. While each new attempt has managed to grab headlines with their new aspirational announcements, but nothing has managed to cracked Tesla’s hold as the top of the BEV heap. There is a new company, though, that’s putting results behind their claims and has Tesla running back to the drawing board to keep their place at the top. Lucid, a company with a history of making EV drive trains and Formula E batteries, has stepped up to make their own car with some amazing Tesla sized numbers. The Air boasts a 517 mile range and a triple motor setup that puts down an astounding 1080 hp and last week was able to clear the quarter mile in 9.245 seconds with a trap speed of 157 mph. That’s seven miles faster than the speed threshold where the NHRA makes the car wear a parachute to slow it down. Let’s see if the Lucid Air Dream can take on Tesla.

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