STRANGEST Abandoned Machines

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6.Space Shuttle Kazakhstan
Many of the Soviets Union’s new buildings were built far away from the capital city of Moscow and into occupied territory or satellite states. Ralph Mireb captured some truly remarkable photos of an abandoned Soviet space shuttle and the building used to house it. The Soviet space program was quite successful and they sent people into space well before the Americans ever did. The area is Kazakstan is quite remote, so it really seemed as if no one had returned to the place since they left it. Here you see the inside of the cockpit of the space shuttle where the pilots would have sat during missions. It’s believed that this spacecraft actually made it to space at some point

5.Winan’s steam gun
Reloading the rifles during this era was slow and cumbersome but being able to get off multiple rounds would be a huge advantage. The gatling guns saw first use in 1862 in the siege of Petersburg, Virginia by Union soldiers but it was still very much an experimental weapon. They were privately owned and would mainly be used fortify strategic locations. The confederates believed they had their own secret, super weapon with a machine gun that utilized steam power instead of gunpowder. This was a massive automatic weapon that could supposedly fire 200 rounds per minute. As the gun was in movement after being ordered by the confederates, the Union intercepted the winans steam gun, and never saw action on the battlefield.

4.Humberstone, Chile
Located deep within the atacama desert in the country of Chile are humberstone and Santa Laura which is home to 2 saltpeter refineries which is often used in gunpowder, fertilizer, and even as a preservative in the middle ages. The resource was discovered in 1872 and they quickly became prosperous towns despite the harsh desert climate. Here we see a photo of the workers quarters and you have to imagine the conditions living here would have not only been extremely hot but most likely heavily crowded. This photo here displays the old theater which would have been a relaxing spot for the workers to clear their minds of the rigorous work that took place. There are quite a few old factories such as this one in Humberstone that’s been abandoned for quite some time now. Financial problems with the mines were enough to eventually close em down as well the towns that were built here.

3.Ventspils Radio Telescope
The Soviet Union had a few tricks up their sleeve when it came to conducting espionage on Western Europe. This radio telescope remained top secret when it was constructed in 1974 out 600 tonnes of material by the Ukrainian Navy. This would be used to pick up radio signals from Nato and for covert eavesdropping operations. This is found in western Latvia, right off the coast of the Baltic Sea. When Latvia gained their independence, the Soviets tried their best to destroy as much of it as possible but Latvian scholars were able to restore much of it so they can use it for studying astronomy.

2.The Tesla Tower
A free energy source would mean big oil companies go out of business and less reliance on the government. Some claim this type of energy was found during the Roswell crash while others believe that the scientist Nikola Tesla had designed it. The no cost pollution free energy that would utilise the earth’s natural movement, was suppressed in the early 1900s by various groups who believed their jobs were on the line. JP Morgan cut funding to Tesla’s tower in New York, when he found out that it might rival with his control over fossils fuels. Although you still can’t see it today, the metal was scrapped in 1917 in order to pay off the debt


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